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Certified Military Residential Specilaist Markets

    Bank Stocks Can Fight the Fed, for Now
    At some point, higher interest rates may become a negative for banks, but not for a while. Despite the flattening of the yield curve, banks? net interest margins have been rising, and their stocks have fared well.

    Can the Tax Cut Boost Stocks?
    Businesses are getting a profit windfall from the Republican tax bill, but after this year?s stock market rally, the gains won?t make their shares look cheap.

    CSX's First-Class Ticket to Chaos
    Railroad CSX paid a princely sum to snag an infirm new CEO this year, and now it faces service woes and has installed an interim chief.

    Can Adobe Keep the Clouds Away?
    Software maker Adobe Systems? solid performance should help as rising peer valuations will make investors pickier.

    Airbus Has Trouble in the Cockpit
    The investment case for airplane giant Airbus is simple: It has nine years? worth of aircraft orders to fulfill; all it has to do is execute. The trouble is, the people meant to execute it are leaving.

    H&M's Ugly Start to Christmas
    Too late for this holiday shopping season, the owner of mall fashion stalwart H&M is finally getting serious about resizing its store footprint for the digital age. The move is long overdue, and will be painful.

    No Sequel to 'Massacre at the Shopping Mall'
    Amazon didn?t stop retailers? Christmas from coming. Somehow or other, it came just the same.

    Fox Gives Disney Muscle for Next Net Fight
    Getting bigger as Disney is doing gives it improved leverage to negotiate favorable distribution terms with cable and wireless companies, which stand to gain by the rollback of net neutrality.

    How to Tell If Disney Is Getting Fox for a Good Price
    Rupert Murdoch is selling out to Disney and getting a fairy-tale ending. Disney shareholders shouldn?t be too worried about overpaying though.