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    5 local ways to compete with big tech
    No matter what digital tools you use, you?re probably not keeping up with the big-boy-backed tech. But there are some things that we ?smaller guys? on the ground can do that these major players can?t. It?s time to focus on community building. Here?s how to get started.

    Use artificial intelligence to improve your lead conversion rate
    Today?s real estate agents face enormous obstacles to maintain a consistent revenue stream ? market dynamics and growing competition from other agents and digital alternatives are a constant threat. RAP Success Systems (RAPSS) simplifies and reduces the agent?s workload.

    Create new inventory overnight. Here?s how.
    Ask most Realtors about their market and they?ll tell you inventory is extremely limited. Even with a market correction on the horizon, there just aren?t enough homes on the market. The same is true here in my market in Colorado. But at YourWayHome, we?ve created a successful strategy to help our agents add to inventory.

    Open houses lacking impact? How 4 agents got creative.
    First impressions are also lasting impressions. That?s why it?s so important for agents to think outside the box when it comes to open houses. From promotion to presentation, you need to make an impact on prospective buyers that resonates long after they leave.

    How to optimize your Google business profile
    That search term has grown 92% year-over-year. Search terms like these will continue to grow as more people turn to Google for their real estate search. In fact, Google connects consumers to home buying and selling information 20+ million times per month.

    5 outdated seller beliefs agents should debunk
    Any seller who has not sold a home in the past five years is in for a shock: Everything they thought they knew about selling a home has changed. Sellers who do not understand the new rules of engagement can easily make costly mistakes and jeopardize their chances of a sale. Here are five truths you should share with sellers.

    Realogy has a new ethics chief
    Real estate holdings giant Realogy on Friday announced that it has promoted long-time company executive Shacara Delgado to serve as its chief ethics and compliance officer.

    Zillow copyright fight could be headed to US Supreme Court
    VHT Studios asked the Supreme Court to take up the case Thursday. The request marks the latest move in a suit that began when VHT said Zillow was illegally using tens of thousands of its photos.

    Quicken Loans agrees to pay HUD $32.5M
    Quicken Loans confirmed today it has agreed to pay the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development $32.5 million to resolve a multiyear legal battle between the lender and HUD.

    Connect Las Vegas: Quick video on what you need to know
    Gain insight into the competition and technology that is reshaping the industry and network with over 4,000 top producers, brokers and industry leaders from all over the world.

    Airbnb adds another mortgage refinancing partner
    Guild Mortgage, one of the largest mortgage lenders in the U.S., has become the latest home loan provider to treat short-term rental revenue from Airbnb as income for homeowners applying to refinance their homes.

    Donald Trump quietly sells Beverly Hills home for $13.5M
    The Trump Organization sold off one of the president's last remaining Los Angeles homes for $13.5 million in an off-market deal.

    Rethinking hipsturbia: Where the millennials are in 2019
    As a generation, millennials defy stereotypes when it comes to where they've chosen to settle down. They live both in cities and the suburbs ? defying urbanists' predictions.

    The Complete Seller Lead promises the money is in the follow up
    The tool was built by REzidual, a company founded by ex-Zillow ad execs, and it helps agents stay on top of new leads via automated follow up and CRM Follow Up Boss.

    The Real Word: CEO out
    Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent?s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, after five years, the CEO of Move Inc. (operator of, Ryan O'Hara, is stepping down for a position in another industry.

    9 tips for working with dad from a father-daughter real estate duo
    As Father?s Day approaches, Fred Warburg Peters and Clelia W. Peters sat down to discuss how they maintain and grow their working relationship. Here are their top nine tips.

    How to crush it during the next market crash
    Here?s how to prepare, spot opportunities and thrive more than you ever have while others struggle in the throes of a market crash.

    In the news: 41 days to Las Vegas
    Top venture capitalists come to Inman Connect Las Vegas, where they'll bring deep insights to the main stage and give us a glimpse at what the changing capital landscape means for real estate.